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Hi! This is a store. There are currently prints of a few minus comics and some books. Possibly other stuff in the far distant future, maybe. Shipping in the US shipping is $5($8 if you get a book and print since they ship separately) and Overseas shipping is calculated based on the weight of the items.

a minus book. It's 141 pages, 9x12 inches in size, paperback and there's a new story plus a couple of extra comics jammed somewhere in the middle.For $40!


the available prints are

You can see larger versions of them here: 4 14 37 39 53 62 78 A They're all 15x20 inch lustre prints and are $15 each

If you want any just pick from the thumbnails above and enter the number/letter for the print here.

which print:

GREAT volume one.

192 pages, covering everything from the beginning to Anna and Maria's Ultimate Legend, with an extra nine page deleted scene crammed in the center. for $15!


GREAT volume 2.

420 pages, covering everything from Mrs. Phipps Counterattack to the end of the comic, with an extra twenty five pages in new scenes! Two new scenes, to be specific. for $27!

ok,I think that's it!


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